Monday, April 11, 2011

The book parade....

Last week was Literacy week at the kids school. One of the final festivities was a book character parade. Each student dressed as their favorite book character and they marched around the school. 

Pigskins class decided to go with a group theme and they portrayed "The Ugly Duckling"

All the kids dressed as ducks and their teacher, Mr. Zermeno, dressed as the ugly duckling. While the kids went QUACK QUACK, he sang HONK HONK! Because, as we all know, the ugly duckling was a swan!

Little man has already told me he want to be Captain Underpants or Skippyjohn Jones for next years book parade... guess I'll have a big head start in the costume planning huh?

Pigtails decided she wanted to be Ladybug Girl, and what a cute little ladybug girl she was! She was adorable and NO ONE else had her character.. she was very excited about that. There were lots of Fancy Nancy characters, and Things 1 and 2.... but only one Ladybug Girl. 

I was surprised to see so many boy participants, they far outnumbered the girls. It was a good thing though... I think these days reading isn't seen as a particularly manly thing to do and I hope these boys learn to love reading and that they stick with it! 

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