Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pigskins plays T-ball.....

Oh wow. I have waited for this day since the ultrasound tech announced "It's a BOY."

 I daydreamed about his tiny cleats and what number he'd choose. I wondered what his team would be called and what position he'd play. 

Last weekend, all those questions were answered and one of my mommy dreams came true. 
His tiny cleats are size 9. 
He chose number 14. 
His team is called the SHARKS.
And he plays, ALL OVER THE FIELD. 

He's playing in an instructional league, and since Daddy is deployed, Uncle JoJo filled in for him. I had tears in my eyes looking at these pictures. I remember Joey's first t-ball game and it was so bittersweet to watch him take my little man out there on the field and pass on his love of the game. Another generation of kids who will brave this Texas heat for the sport they are learning. Learning to love. 

During pigtskins first game, he got two hits, and four put outs. I was one proud mama. 

My heart hurt knowing what his Daddy was missing. This was such a huge milestone for our little man, but the needs of the Coast Guard come first, and rest assured.... Daddy WILL be in attendance for game number two!

While pigskins was busy winning his first t-ball game, pigtails was busy winning her first TOURNAMENT!!

I could not be prouder of the young man and woman these two little people are turning into.... and watching them play ball makes me smile ear to ear. I love love love it. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Pigtails plays softball....

I can't even begin to tell you how cute this is. Pictures don't do it any sort of justice. 
February 26, 2011.... Pigtails played in her very first softball game!

We lost, but oh my goodness, what a day!

Seeing my baby girl out there brought back so many fun memories. I was raised on a softball field. That red dirt pumps through my veins. It was one of my best mommy moments to date. Seeing her out there, hearing her "chatter"... I was 10 years old again. 
Since opening day, she's played three more games. Last night, she got her very FIRST double play!!! She was beyond excited. I was so proud of her, I'll admit, I almost cried.


I can't wait to see what the season will hold.... to see how far she progresses, how many new skills she learns! 

Mommy's little pigtailed girl is growing up! 

The introductions....

I guess I should start with the niceties since we may acquire a few new readers along the way....

Our little family started back in 2004 with a wedding and pink little bundle of joy! 

Pigtails was born in October, and she's lit up our lives ever since! She's a spunky six year old with an absolute heart of gold. She's funny, and kind, and smart, and oh so determined. She has never met a stranger and she loves to perform. The world truly is her stage! 

Pigskin was born in July 2006 and he's just a ray of sunshine! He is ALL BOY! He's funny, and loving, and totally rotten. He's a total mama's boy and I love every minute of it. Spoiled rotten doesn't even begin to describe our little monster ;)

I'm a stay at home mom that loves to craft and hates to cook! I'd prefer our house not even have a kitchen ;) I've enjoyed every minute home with my kids and I'm not looking forward to next school year when both kids are in school and I'm left to my own vices ;) I'm eternally grateful for the opportunity to stay home and raise my kids. Our adventures have truly, just begun! 

Daddy is a GM in the United States Coast Guard and he loves his job. He's a fantastic father, and a huge kid at heart. 

That's us, in a a nutshell! 

Pigtails and Pigskins...

Here we go again. It was time for us to move on from our old blog. First off, I'd been really slacking in the update department. Secondly, we were (once again) having pictures of the kids stolen and used by estranged family members. Drama Drama Drama!

I think it's time for a new home, so here we are!

Pigtails and Pigskins. Life with our drama queen and our rough tough little bruiser! We'll cover everything from A-Z!